For the past ten (10) years, IT Noble has served as our outside technology consultants.  During this time, we have rapidly grown our law firm.  IT Noble has assisted us with the selection of equipment, programs, and security features.  They also provide us on a monthly basis with necessary updates and other recommendations.  They are always available and provide excellent and prompt service.

Leonard C. Heath, Jr. Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old, P.C.

Trusting the support IT Noble provides is invaluable to our firm.  IT Noble recently assisted us with a successful move to our new location!  All technology worked perfectly on day one. We feel IT Noble is truly a part of our team.  They are very patient and kind when explaining or walking us through a process.  We have worked with many IT firms and IT Noble is by far the best!  I really enjoy working with them on our IT projects!

Cheryl W. Financial Planning Firm

We like working with IT Noble because they are reliable and quick to respond to our requests.  They are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly in the most gracious way possible. I can call them and say this is what I need, and they come through.  I like the personal touch, I always feel like they know me, my needs, and that I am number one. We are a non-profit organization, and they understand our needs and frustrations when it comes to costs. Our recent move to a new facility went smoothly due to IT Noble!

Xiomara Harris Executive Director
The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors

The single biggest benefit of working with IT Noble is having a real person that you know, that understands your system, and who you can reach directly. I feel integrity is what IT Noble does better than other IT firms.  They bill us fairly when significant troubleshooting hours are needed to identify and resolve an issue. They are personable, on target, and always available to us.  You don’t have to wait long hours for resolution to a problem.  They have a great understanding of the frustrations that a small business experiences.

Karla T. Muro Operations Manager
Hampton Mental Health Associates, Inc.

IT Noble offers quicker response than previous service providers to any issues we may have and a willingness to assist with any problems, without attempting to pass the problem off to someone else.  IT Noble’s response time to our help tickets is excellent and they are very knowledgeable in solving a variety of IT issues.  We have had less down time due to situations out of our control and our software is working much better since we engaged IT Noble.

Donna L. Hughes, PC CPA

IT Noble quickly reaches out to us to resolve any issues that may arise whether it’s a simple question or more detailed issue. They are very good at assisting with and detailing the projects as we go through them, giving different options, and ultimately resolving our IT problems. The IT Noble Team have been incredibly kind and personable! They’re a pleasure to work with and I’m happy to know they can assist us on any IT needs that arise.

Daniel Riggleman IT Manager
County of Cumberland

I appreciate how IT Noble doesn’t attempt to sell me what I don’t need. They explain why their recommendations are good for me.  They don’t attempt to throw out technical terms that I don’t understand; they talk in terms of features and benefits. They aren’t the least costly, but you won’t have a stack of call-backs which is too common in their trade. They take the time to make it work the first time.

Marv Evans Owner

We engaged IT Noble to assist us with an Active Directory Migration and installation of new Servers for seven sites. The scope of the project included Planning, Design, Set-up, Configuration, Health Checks, and Clean-up. In the second Phase, IT Noble performed a DHCP Migration at each site and De-commissioning of the old Servers. Thanks to the IT Noble Team for a job well done. They were incredible to work with, very accessible, and went above and beyond to help trouble shoot an issue I was having. Looking forward to the next project!

Kris Reed Supervisor of Technology
Hopewell City Public Schools

IT Noble's staff proactively reaches out to discuss our existing and future hardware needs. The collaborative discussions on required specifications and budget constraints are always productive. What stands out is their easy communication and consistently prompt responsiveness to my requests, making the entire process smooth and efficient. We've consistently experienced the benefit of IT Noble securing the best pricing for us and ensuring swift equipment shipments. Their flexibility in accommodating various payment methods, including credit card, purchase order, and direct invoicing makes the purchasing process incredibly convenient. It's a testament to their commitment to providing a seamless and customer-friendly experience.

Robin Weddle Technical Support Manager
City of Danville